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meet the monolith monster

He starts out innocent and helpful, but very quickly grows, and grows, and grows. We all know the story...

Chapter 1

Adopt a new platform to improve your business.

Chapter 2

Spend time training and converting data into said problem.

Chapter 3

Cruising along until...

Chapter 4

You have an idea and want to make a change by adding something, leading to...

Chapter 5

Finding an independant contractor who you may or may not love, may or may not successfully implement your requirements flawlessly, may or may not take months and months to reach go-live, and may or may not charge buckets of cash.

Chapter 6

Repeat Chapter 5 again and again.

Chapter 7

Enter the monolith monster-- a bloated system that is slow to change, extremely expensive, and so bloated that you are wonder if having an idea is worth the trouble.

Your story doesn't have to end here

addapptation is a new beginning, a new chapter designed to make you never regret having a new idea again.

Chapter 8

With micro apps you can add, create, and build your vision quickly, seamlessly, and cost effectively without any risk. How? Micro apps are built outside your large platform meaning no one ever has the to enter the the monolith monster. Also, being micro, these little applications are lean, lightning quick, and our process is consistent, meaning less financial burden on your end.

addapptaion and micro apps now allow you to dream as big as you want without your ideas ever becoming a burden, so dream on!