What is a Micro App?

Micro Apps are small, single purpose apps that solve a very particular problem.

These apps are created with agility in mind that facilitates smaller, lightweight, fast-moving business tools.

What is addapptation?

addapptation is a Micro App platform for companies that struggle with their current enterprise software. By providing the tools to quickly build Micro Apps, addapptation creates the flexibility to dramatically increase the productivity of our customer’s existing cloud platforms. These Micro Apps solve specific problems, integrate seamlessly into any cloud platform, and provide all the benefits of change without any of the risks.

  • Mitigate the risk of large projects by breaking them up into smaller micro apps
  • Enable agility with the micro at philosophy
  • Get better results by having extreme focus on each part of the project
  • Spend less on your SaaS costs.

Our mission is to help organizations accelerate their growth and keep innovating new solutions. We believe that Micro Apps allow this to happen.